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SWA 58" Universal Bow String - Fits All 62" Takedown Recurve Bows

  • $ 24.95
  • Save $ 10

Same Great String That Came With Your New Recurve Bow, but now Comes with Rubber Finger Savers Already Installed.

Are you tired of your fingers being sore after shooting your new recurve bow? Do you wish there was less gear needed to shoot when you want?

If the answer to those questions was yes, then look forward to this new product.

Great All In One Bow String.

Our universal recurve bowstring with finger savers does more than just protect your fingers.

The rubber finger savers also acts as a nocking point, meaning you do not need to get one installed.

With already installed finger saver there is no need for a shooting glove, or tab.

Perfect Fit For Samick Sage and "Sage 2" Southwest Archery Spyder Bow.

Fits all 62" takedown recurve bow.

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