SWA 64" Ghost Takedown Longbow

SWA 64" Ghost Takedown Longbow

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Introducing the all New Southwest Archery 64" Ghost Takedown Longbow

Featuring an all new, elegant, satin finish riser, improved rounded edges and limb pockets, fast-flight compatible, reinforced limb tips and improved hand tightened limb bolts. 

Top Quality at the Best Price

The Ghost Takedown Recurve Longbow is absolutely a bang for the buck! Designed using high quality materials, and top-notch performance at the most cost effective price!

Versatility at Its Finest

Extremely versatile and efficient.

With its removable limbs that allow for easy transport and storage and its lightweight design, this convenient takedown longbow is completely portable. Whether its field, target, outdoor sports archery or bowhunting that you're up to, you can simply pack it up in your backpack and you're ready to go.

Choose Wisely and Save Money in the Long Run

Do not waste tons of money on questionable quality archery bows only to replace them soon afterwards. Buy from a TRUSTED BRAND and make a true VALUE FOR MONEY purchase.

With our 1 year manufacturer warranty (USA only, when registered on SWA website), our excellent customer service and continuous support, you have nothing to lose.

Get Your Very Own Ghost Takedown Longbow Today!

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