AnnaMaria "CC" Cardinalli

I wanted to write and thank you for the amazing experience I had with my new Tigershark takedown bow. I got invited to go on my very first hunting trip by a fantastic organization called Freedom Hunters, which provides outdoor opportunities for veterans. It turned out to be the trip of a lifetime. Since the hunt was exclusively for women veterans, two incredibly inspiring ladies, the twin Olympian and multiple champion shooters Tracy and Lanny Barnes guided us on a hunt hosted by Shantane Strohschein, the amazing owner of Crazy Horn Outfitters in Wyoming. Despite being a first-time hunter and using a completely bare traditional bow (no sights, no quiver, etc.), with Lanny's mentorship, I took home an antelope! This was only possible because of the wonderful quality, accuracy, and affordability of my beautiful Southwest Archery Tigershark! I'll always be grateful!

Amanda Blank

My son is so happy with his brand new bow that came today. I am so glad I found your website.


Amazing bow that draws smooth, shoots nice and looks more expensive than it is!
Worth every penny! I did a lot of research on many bows before hand that wouldn't break the bank but also would be a quality bow. The wood work is truly gorgeous for a bow in this price range. Well, I always like to wait awhile before I give review on anything that way I can test the product out as much as possible. With that being said, I love the bow and have shot hundreds of arrows down range and could easily recommend the bow to anyone whether they're a beginner or more experienced. It really is a nice bow that should last many many years if not a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Paul D

Awesome Recurve for Beginner or Expert
The Spyder recurve (I got the XL version) is very well built and is a STEAL at this price point. Pick the correct draw weight and you won't want to put this thing down. I'm 6'7" tall with a long draw length of 32.5" - the SPYDER XL version works perfectly for me. As another reviewer noted, every inch past 28" draw adds about 2lbs to 2.5lbs of draw weight. So it is very important to take this into account when ordering. I was originally going to order the 50lb draw, but took some good advice from forums/reviews and ordered the 40lb. At full draw for me this setup renders a 50lbs+ bow and is perfect.

Paul Giese - La Crosse Co., WI

First ever traditional bow kill. Southwest archery Ghost Bow with 50# recurve limbs.


Perfect for beginners. Cathartic. Better than yoga.
Where do I even start with this bow? My first observation upon receiving this bow wasn't just how beautiful it was, but also how nicely it was packaged. I had it assembled out of the box within only a few short minutes. I bought the 40lb limbs with the bow-stringer add on and it's absolutely worth it. After I took a few beginning shots, my wife asked if she could shoot it. To my surprise the 40lb draw wasn't too much for her at all, and her aim was impeccable. Usually I'm not so surprised by her accuracy seeing that we both served in the Marine Corps, and spent our finer moments shooting; however this was her first time shooting a bow an arrow and she was killer as usual. Amazing bow. Great quality; I couldn't be happier knowing that the two of us have a hobby together. Thank you Southwest Archery.

Miranda Powell

I love it!
I love this bow! I bought it as a gift for myself and have enjoyed hours of shooting already. It is easy to put together and break apart, though I typically just release my string and store it. I am brand new to shooting and find this now to be very easy. I bought the 40# and that took a bit of training my muscles before I could shoot more comfortably. It looks wonderful. I love the wood grain and different types used in the laminations. I'm not crazy about the stick on arrow rest, it's a bit flimsy, but it's not terrible. I would recommend upgrading that though. The grip feels comfortable for me. I'm 5' 10" and for a woman I have larger hands but it is very comfortable for me. It's probably one of my favorite gifts ranking right up there with my favorite rod and reel setup. I really enjoy shooting with it.

Ray G. Wilson

Best Buy in Archery for the money! Update

I’m pretty sure that you can’t find a better bow anywhere for this price! As a long time compound shooter I was searching for a reasonably priced recurve to get into traditional archery. The Southwest Archery Tiger Shark Pro is perfect! Build quality and finish is Much better than I expected and the on line photos can’t begin to show the quality of this bow. I ordered some upgrades, bear hair shelf rug and strike plate, and will add to my review as soon as they arrive and I can shoot this bow!

Mark Lafita

I'm pleasantly surprised. Awesome customer service. Thank you for checking up on me. The bow shoots great! Plus it's light weight and really quite. I changed the string and I'm using a Bear weather rest. Shot my first pig with it last week.